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     About Sharon

Sharon has been an Advanced Certified Stott-Pilates trainer for the past 20 years.  She has owned and operated her own studio in Sylvania, Ohio for 12 years prior to moving to Florida.  Sharon's background as principal dancer of the Bat Dor Dance Company and The Israel Ballet and her 20 years of teaching ballet at all levels under The Royal Academy Of Dancing has formed her teaching style as one of methodical  progression with strong technique.  She has had excellent results with stroke patients as well as effective rehab with other injuries.

Sharon's other certifications include: Garuda, Yoga 200 hr (Yoga Alliance), Pilates for Golf, Athletic Conditioning On The Pilates Edge, Reformer and Padded Platform Extender, Athletic  Conditioning On The Mat,  Zenga For Mat, Zenga For Equipment, The Knee:  Stability And Function, The Shoulder Girdle:  Stability And Function, Lumbo Pelvic Region: Stability And Function and Ultimate Back Care. 


Sharon's 50 years of practicing Trancendental Meditation  brings a certain sense of joyful equanimity to each session.

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