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Pickleball and Pilates
+1 (419) 410-0393

Eliminate Pickleball Injuries
and play pain-free in the next 6 weeks with simple exercises at home.

If you've struggled with injuries, even if you've tried stretching before, this WILL help you.

  • Live online coaching

  • Small groups with personal attention

  • Small life-style tweaks and accountability

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Pain is complex and any effective program must address 3 Key areas: Exercise, Lifestyle,& Motivation.

If you’ve tried exercise but either didn’t stick with it, or  it just didn’t work, it’s probably because you didn’t have all 3.


It might surprise you but combining simple exercises with small but powerful lifestyle adjustments, plus accountability and support are all that’s needed to move past your pain and continue 

to play pain-free and focus on your game.

Sharon Aloni

It is my pleasure to have been helping people overcome injuries for over 20 years.  With a few simple exercises and stretches you can ditch the pain and improve your game.

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